Each UIC residence hall room is equipped with high speed computer connections. Students are charged a Technology Access fee of $60/semester (equal to $15/month) which allows access to cable television, wired and wireless internet connections in the residence halls.”

More information about Res-Net is available on the ACCC webpage.

Unlimited Bandwidth: UNLIMITED RESNET is available to resident students who complete an online tutorial and quiz about online security and awareness. To take the course, log into Blackboard and select the course "Security Education and Awareness". Once you proceed through all the slides in the course, you will have the opportunity to take an online quiz. You must score 100% on the quiz, however you can take the quiz as many times as it takes to accomplish a perfect score. Once you have passed the course and test your ResNet status will be changed to "unlimited". Keep an eye on your UIC email account for the message stating that your status has been changed. Until that message is received you must still abide by the 6GB/day limit.

Acceptable Devices

The following devices CAN connect to the ResNet. This list is not comprehensive and will change as new information becomes available.

  • Xbox 360 (via ethernet)
  • Xbox One (via ethernet)
  • Sony Playstation 3 (via ethernet)
  • Sony Playstation 4 (via ethernet)
  • iOS Mobile Devices (via wireless)
  • Android Devices
  • MacOS Devices
  • Windows OS Devices

Using Res-Net

By using Residence Hall Internet, you agree to the ACCC Acceptable Usage Policy.

Everyone in the Residence Halls has the ability to use Res-Net, no matter if you are using Mac or Windows. To use Res-Net, you will need at least one ethernet cord. When you talk to your soon-to-be roommate over the summer, be sure to ask them how they plan on connecting to the Internet.

Routers: I am sure you are asking, “Why can’t I bring my own router to use the Internet?” Using a router to connect to the school’s Internet is NOT ALLOWED! If you are caught using a router, your Internet privileges will be suspended. Plus, who wants to spend an extra $50 on a router when Campus Housing provides a free ethernet hub?

Hubs: Say you didn’t think you were going to need a hub, but when you get here you realize “I need a Hub!” That’s okay, Campus Housing has you covered! If you arrive to the Residence Halls and realize you need a Hub, you will be able to check them out at the area office! If you do not know where the Area office is, your R.A. or Peer Mentor will be more than happy to guide you there!