The UIC Summer academic calendar includes a 4-week session, followed by the traditional 8-week session. Campus Housing provides housing to meet your needs! Are you going to be here for just the 4-week session, just the 8-week session, or the entire 12 weeks?

Not sure what your summer academic plans are? Have a look at the UIC Summer Session information.

Visit Interim Housing for rates and information about staying beyond the dates of the Summer Sessions listed below.

4-Week Summer Session: May 21 – June 15
8-Week Summer Session: June 18 – August 10
12-Week Summer Session: May 21 – August 10

Summer College Programs: June 25 – August 3



Summer Rates

All rates listed are per person.
Residence Hall Summer College 4-Week 8-Week 12-Week
PSR [West Campus; Cluster Style-Single Room] $684 $1,367 $2,050
PSR [West Campus; Cluster Style-Double Room] $624 $1,248 $1,872
PSR [West Campus; Cluster Style-Triple Room] $592 $1,184 $1,776
JST [South Campus; Suite Style-Single Room] $919 $1,837 $2,756
JST [South Campus; Suite Style-Double Room] $831 $1,662 $2,493
SSR [West Campus; 2/3 Person Suite Style] $834 $1,668 $2,502
SSR [West Campus; 4 Person Apt Style] $882 $1,764 $2,646
SSR [West Campus; 3 Person Apt Style] $862 $1,724 $2,586
SSR [West Campus; 2 Person Apt Style] $930 $1,860 $2,790
SSR [West Campus; Studio Style] $1092 $2,184 $3,276
MRH + TBH [South Campus; 4-Person Apartment Style] $1,200 $915 $1,830 $2,745
MRH + TBH [South Campus; 2-Person Apartment Style] $1,200 $995 $1,990 $2,985
MRH + TBH [South Campus; Studio Style] $1302 $2,604 $3,906

Frequenty Asked Questions

I’m not a UIC student. Can I stay over the Summer?
If you will be taking UIC classes, you are eligible to live in the residence halls. Sign up for summer housing below. If you will NOT be taking classes at UIC, you may still be eligible. Consider our Intern Housing Program.

How do I sign up for Summer Housing?
Students can request Summer Housing online starting on April 1.

Will there be enough room for me to live on campus? Every student who wishes to live on campus during the summer sessions will be housed! We have space for you.

What if my dates don’t match the academic calendar?
If you are a UIC student and would like to stay from the end of the Spring semester into the Summer session, the end of the Summer session into the Fall semester, or will be arriving earlier or staying later than the dates of your session, you need to sign up for Interim Housing. You will be allowed to do so on the Summer Sign-up page.

What if I need to cancel my housing contract early?
Should a Summer housing contract need to be canceled prior to the official end date, the student will be charged a pro-rated amount, calculated at the weekly rates.