Incoming Mail

Incoming mail for conference participants should be addressed as follows:
Name of Person
c/o Name of Conference Group

  • East Campus: UIC Campus Housing (MC 117), 700 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607
  • West Campus: UIC Campus Housing (MC 579), 1933 West Polk Street, Chicago, IL 60612
  • South Campus (MRH): UIC Campus Housing (MC 116), 811 West Maxwell Street, Chicago, IL 60608
  • South Campus (TBH): UIC Campus Housing (MC 112), 1250 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607
  • South Campus (JST): UIC Campus Housing (MC 112), 718 West Rochford, Chicago, IL 60607

Please include a return address! Sometimes mail arrives after a guest has already checked-out. Mail will be returned to sender if a guest is no longer staying with us.

Internet Access/Email Stations

UIC does not provide Internet access in individual rooms unless arranged in advance. Internet Services are billed directly to the conference group—not to individuals. Costs should be arranged at the time of contracting. Email stations are conveniently located in Daley Library to enable guests to check their email.


UIC is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in the residence halls and campus buildings.


Any posters or signs should be affixed with painter’s tape. Conferences staff will gladly post a group’s signs.

Facility Condition Reports

Pre-room and post-room condition reports and common area damage reports are completed by UIC Conferences staff. Any damage incurred during a group’s stay is the financial responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Personal Property

It is suggested that all guests lock their rooms when not occupied and carry their room key with them. UIC is not responsible for the loss of money or valuables belonging to any person or for loss or damage to an individual’s property. Provisions for storing luggage and other personal property of guests are not available.

Additional Charges

There are additional charges for lost keys and lost linen (per item for sheets, towels, washcloths, pillows and blankets. Keys can cost up to $350 to replace). All charges, in addition to any room damages and/or building damages, are billed directly to the conference group. The UIC Meetings and Conferences Office does not bill individuals.

Other Important Information

Each summer group must provide a director or coordinator who will work directly with UIC Conferences staff. All youth groups must have an adult director. Please obtain a copy of “GUIDELINES FOR YOUTH GROUPS,” if applicable.

An official UIC contract must be executed at least one (1) month prior to the group’s arrival. A nonrefundable deposit (25% of estimated charges) must accompany the contract. Rooms will not be held without a deposit. The contract will be drawn up by the group’s director or coordinator (contact person) and UIC’s Director of Meetings and Conferences. PLEASE NOTE: A group’s needs must be planned for well in advance and must be indicated on the contract. This includes requests for different check-in or check-out times or arrangements; special considerations and/or accommodations for persons with disabilities; catered meals such as box lunches or barbecues; meeting, recreational or classroom space; extra security personnel; and other similar types of requests which involve pre-planning.

The FINAL guaranteed number of sleeping rooms needed, the final balance and the participant rooming list are due no later than four (4) weeks prior to arrival. PLEASE NOTE: Housing is billed at 100% of the contracted amount. Groups will be charged for “no shows.”

Each group is responsible for handling its own room assignments. The Conferences staff will not assign roommates. The staff will be happy to provide floor plans and rosters as well as suggestions to groups who may need extra help in making room assignments. PLEASE NOTE: When making assignments, you should assign all rooms and all floors to capacity. All double rooms should have two people, and a floor should be completely filled before using the next floor.

Each group must provide an accurate electronic PARTICIPANT ROOMING LIST. This list should indicate full names of your guests, gender identification, arrival and departure dates and the pairings for shared rooms. Once your group has checked-in, very few (if any) room changes should be made! Each group should plan to provide the Conferences staff with at least two (2) copies of their Final program or conference schedule (to include a timetable and locations of the group’s activities).

Receipt of the program or schedule before arrival on campus will help us in our preparations for your group. Each conference group is required to obtain liability Insurance, at its own expense, with the University of Illinois named as an additional insured. Your UIC Meetings and Conferences contact person will be able to provide specific details.

Make all checks payable to: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and mail to UIC Meetings & Conferences Office.