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Getting involved on campus and interacting with the community will make your experience in college amazing. Put yourself out there and get involved!

It’s easy to get to know people and find others who share your interests and find out about what’s coming up on campus. There are tons of student leadership opportunities like the Residence Hall Association, PBMA, and Hall Council - you can even get a job working with Campus Housing.

Get Involved!

Hall Council

Tug of War

Each residence hall has its own Hall Council. Hall Council executive board members serve as RHA’s connection to residents and vice versa, as well as plan programs for either educational or entertainment purposes. Anyone is eligible to join the Hall Council executive board.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH Ceremony

The National Residence Hall Honorary is representative of the top 1% of student leaders in Campus Housing based on GPA and involvement.  NRHH is designed to give local, regional and national recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their residence halls. The three core values of NRHH are: Service, Leadership, and Recognition.

New Student Days

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New Student Days is a series of programs intended to welcome all incoming freshman and incoming transfer residents to campus and the city of Chicago. New Student Days is filled with many free and affordable on-campus and off-campus events designed to help freshman and transfers get acquainted with Chicago, UIC’s campus and each other. More information will come out in the summer, but look forward to Chicago must-do’s like museums, neighborhood visits, shows, and more!

Pathways to Black Male Achievement (PBMA)

PBMA is an engagement and retention organization that provides intentional programming and seeks to helps students explore what it means to be a Black male on a college campus.  PBMA puts an emphasis on culture, heritage, development and counteracting the negative images of Black males portrayed in the media. Everyone can participate in PBMA events regardless of ethnicity or gender. You can participate in many ways including attending events and programs, volunteering to help with events, joining the leadership team, and encouraging residents to participate.

Project LEAD

Project LEAD is a three-day program of workshops designed specifically to assist students in developing leadership skills and getting involved on campus from day one. This program allows first-year and transfer students to move in early and get a head start adjusting to UIC and living on campus.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Students at a RHA program

RHA is a student organization for students who live on campus. RHA serves as a liaison between residents and Campus Housing staff.  The purpose of RHA is to enhance the life of residents through programming, special events, leadership opportunities, and by providing a place to voice concerns about Campus Housing policy, procedure, and facilities. Any student who lives in the residence halls is automatically a member of RHA. Signature events: Sex in the Dark, Battle of the Residence Halls, Six Flags Fright Fest, Fall Ball, RHA Basketball Night, Ski trip, and trips to Broadway in Chicago shows.


SISTERS is a retention and engagement organization dedicated to uniting and developing residents that identify as Black females in Campus Housing. Through strong sisterhood, participants of SISTERS explore Black identity, hegemonic norms, beauty standards and female empowerment. Everyone can participate in SISTERS events regardless of ethnicity or gender, all programs are open to everyone.

Work with Campus Housing

Campus Housing offers a wide variety of student employment positions.  Not only are these paid positions, but each position offers you another way to get involved with Campus Housing and grow as a leader.

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