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Academic Privacy

We check the grades and course schedules of every student living with us. Grades will not be shared with anyone other than professional staff. For those undergraduates with a 2.5 GPA or below, we try to help you be successful by having your Resident Director contact you to insure you are aware of the resources available to UIC students both in Campus Housing and around campus. Professional staff may communicate directly with students in courses related to academic initiatives. First-year students in particular may also Resident Assistant encouraging you to take advantage of the academic resources available.

If you would prefer our staff not contact you regarding academic resources, please contact your Resident Director. Campus Housing also recognizes residents for their academic achievement, if you do not want to be recognized for your academic achievement, please contact your Resident Director.

Closed Circuit Security Cameras Heading link

All of the residence halls are equipped with surveillance cameras in public spaces. These cameras monitor and record activity at building entrances and exits, computer labs, elevators, and other common areas.

Media Release Heading link

Campus Housing has the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, and create derivative works of university-related photographs or videotaped images taken in public spaces of spaces and people in on-campus housing for use in connection with the activities of the university for promoting, publicizing or explaining the university and Campus Housing. This includes, without limitation, the right to publish such images in the university’s student newspaper, on Campus Housing social media, in alumni publications, on the university’s website, and in public relations/promotional materials, such as marketing and admissions publications. These images may appear in any of the wide variety of formats and media available now and in the future to the university and Campus Housing, including, but not limited to, print, broadcast, videotape, and electronic/online media. All photos are taken without compensation to the resident or claims for payment or royalties. All electronic or non-electronic negatives, videos, slides, photographs and prints are the property of and owned by the university. Any questions regarding this media disclosure policy should be discussed with the Associate Director for Administration.

Room Entry By Staff Heading link

The University reserves the right to inspect resident rooms with or without the resident present for serious life or health threatening emergencies, to perform requested, preventative or emergency maintenance, to do room inspections, to silence a disruptive noise or at the request of UIC Police or other police agency. In addition to University Housing employees, specialists in building trades, repairs and extermination may also be required to enter a room with or without the resident(s) present.

If you feel a University staff member has unnecessarily accessed your room, please notify your Resident Director immediately.

In order to help facilitate the work order process, please allow access to maintenance and building service employees as quickly as possible upon their request. Delays in accessing areas that need to be maintained severely minimizes their ability to make repairs efficiently.

To maximize pest control efforts, all areas of Campus Housing facilities are exterminated regularly. If for any reason you feel your room should not be exterminated, notify your Resident Director.

Room Inspections Heading link

Each room is to be kept clean and orderly by the residents for maintenance of health and safety. Residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas and are required to remove excessive trash. Please use trash chutes/rooms for room trash. Residents may be billed individually or collectively for any excessive cleaning needed to return the space to a move-in-ready condition.

The Residence Life staff may do periodic health and safety inspections. Typically, 24-hour notice will be given to residents of these inspections. Inspections are intended to ensure residents are maintaining safe furniture placement and equipment in accordance with fire code and that the room is a clean and healthy environment free of trash. This is in collaboration with the Environmental Safety Office. Residents have 24 hours to rectify any health and safety concerns discovered. Repeated health and safety violations may result in disciplinary action.