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Shared Space

Computer Labs Heading link

Computer room facilities are available on the second floor of SRH, the second floor in Commons South, the first floor of both MRH & TBH and the second floor of JST. Check at your Area Residence Life Office for details regarding room usage. Hours are subject to change, especially during semester break periods. Academic work has priority over any other kind of activity. These computer labs are operated by ACCC; if a problem arises, please notify the ACCC office.


Campus Housing is proud to provide free printing to resident students in computer labs within residence halls. Students may NOT EXCEED 750 sheets of paper printed per semester or 50 pages at any one time. Any amount over this limit will result in a $0.12/sheet charge to a student’s university account. If a resident has a guest that needs something printed, the resident must print the item using their own NetID. Non-residents are not allowed to use the printing resources within the residence hall. Failure to comply will result in a charge to the non-resident’s student account at $0.12/sheet, no later than the end of the current semester. Residents can check their printing total on the Housing Dock ( If there are problems with any printer within a residence hall computer lab, please contact the nearest residence life office.

Dining Services/Dining Areas Heading link

All CMW, CTY & JST residents are required to purchase a meal plan as part of their residence hall contract. PSR, SSR, MRH & TBH residents have the option to purchase a meal plan or Flames Fare. Changes in the residence hall meal plans can only be made during the first two weeks of each semester. Information about meal plans, meal plan requirements, and dining locations/hours can be found on their website. For more information, contact Campus Dining Services directly at

Kitchenettes Heading link

Kitchenette facilities are available on the second floors of PSR, CTY, JST and the tower lounges of ARC, CMW, CTY, and JST. Be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen areas. It is important not to leave kitchens unattended while cooking food. Kitchenettes are accessible with a building entrance key.

Laundry Heading link

Laundry rooms are equipped with washers and dryers and available in each hall, and are free of charge to students.

An outside laundry service company is selected to provide our residence halls with laundry machines, and this company has posted notices in laundry rooms listing their contact and telephone number for residents to call with problems.

The University is not responsible for damaged clothing or items left unattended.

Specialty Room Reservations Heading link

Meeting rooms can be reserved by a Housing staff member, Campus Housing Organizations, or Housing residents and are for use by these individuals only. Reservations for these spaces are available through the Area Residence Life desk/ Housing Officer. External groups (non-Housing related) will be directed to the Central Housing Office for reservation information (312-355-6310). Rooms available for reservation include: MRH & TBH piano rooms, MRH & TBH TV lounges, SSR Multipurpose room, JST Training Room, JST Event Center, JST 2nd Floor, CMS B19/Seminar Room, and the CTY, CMW & JST Tower Lounges.

Reservations for the CMS Lower Level meeting Room 15 and the Rathskellar are administered by the UIC Venues & Events Office at 312-413-5040. See the SCE Building Manager to gain access to these rooms at the time of the event.

Lounges Heading link

There are areas designed as study lounges for those times that you do not want to study in your room. Some of these spaces also have TVs available. Priority is given to students who are studying, but spaces can be reserved for programs. The furniture in these lounges belongs to all residents. Taking furniture from a study lounge into your room, apartment or cluster constitutes theft and will be dealt with accordingly. As these spaces are among the residential areas, noise should be kept to a minimum. Please do not leave unattended items in common spaces.

Vending Areas Heading link

Vending machines are available in residence hall common areas. Should there be issues with a vending machine, the contact information of the company is posted on each machine.