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Your Space

Important Contract Provisions Heading link

See your Housing Contract Online for full terms and conditions at

Important Contract Dates

All contracts, with the exception of SSR, are for the entire Academic Year including the following dates: August 20, 2020 – December 11, 2020 and January 10, 2021 – May 7, 2021. SSR contracts include the interim period and are from: August 20, 2020 – May 7, 2021.

During Winter Break, not all spaces will be available for occupancy.

Resident Eligibility

All persons living in the residence halls during the regular academic year must be currently enrolled University of Illinois at Chicago students by the tenth day of class of each term. Campus Housing will not allow ANY non-enrolled student to live on campus after the tenth day of classes. Summer session residents are not required to be enrolled in summer classes, but must be enrolled either the previous or following semester. Although Campus Housing checks with the Records Office to verify student status periodically, it is the individual student’s responsibility to initiate housing contract cancellation procedures if they withdraw from the University, are dropped from enrollment, or do not enroll for the current term. Non-students found living in the residence halls face possible consequences including eviction, substantial financial penalties, and disciplinary action.

Residents who do not initiate housing contract cancellation procedures or do not move out voluntarily when their student status changes will be subject to removal by Campus Housing. In case of removal, a resident’s belongings must be removed immediately by the resident. Failure to remove personal belongings may result in the items being labeled as “abandoned” and subject to removal by UIC Campus Housing staff at the expense of the resident ($150 moving and storage fee). Abandoned items not claimed within 30 days of the removal from Campus Housing will be discarded.

Account Payment

You are responsible for payment of room and board according to the payment plan on your contract. You should expect to receive a monthly statement from the Student Accounts Office (USFSCO) online through your e-bill. Your room and board payment should be made online or directly to the cashier in the Marshfield Building (MAB) or Student Services Building (SSB). Full payment is due upon receipt of statement. Special payment arrangements can be made at the Student Accounts Office in SSB. 

Contract Cancellation

Once the contract period begins, if a student cancels their contract before the end of the contract term, they will be responsible for room & board charges up until the time of check-out plus all the following contract cancellation penalties:

  • Loss of $100 housing deposit
  • $100 cancellation fee
  • Payment of 75% of the remaining contract cost (housing portion only)
  • Forfeit any remaining portion of the meal plan cost for the current semester

To submit a contract cancellation, please visit the Housing Dock to submit a form.

For questions related to contract cancellation, please email us at



Campus Housing does not offer storage options for students. We have partnered with Dorm Room Movers as a resource. Dorm Room Movers is a private company and pricing, hiring of services, and other questions should be made directly to them. Please visit the following webpage to view resources provided by the vendor and customer contact information:


Students may appeal the 75% of the remainder of the contract portion of the contract termination penalties as well as the loss of the meal plan. Students must complete an appeal form available from the Campus Housing office and submit all appropriate documentation relevant to their situation. Once an appeal is submitted, it will be considered by the Associate Director for Administration. The appeal is either granted or forwarded on to the Campus Housing Contract Termination Penalty Appeals Committee. This committee, composed of student affairs staff, residence life staff and resident students, considers the individual situation and decides based on the review of information. Contact the Campus Housing main office (312-355-6300) with questions.

Check-In Heading link

Room Condition Report (RCR)

Each resident must complete a Room Condition Report upon checking in to any new space within Campus Housing. When filling out this form, be sure it is complete and accurate, because you assume responsibility for the room condition and University-owned contents upon occupancy. If you do not return a RCR to the Area Residence Life Office or your RA within one week of check-in, we will assume your room, apartment, cluster, and/or suite was damage-free. Any damages noted during check-out that are not present on the RCR from check-in will be billed to your student account.

Receiving your Keys

You will be issued keys for your room, building, mailbox, and other areas for which you need access. These keys become your responsibility. For safety and security reasons, keep your keys with you at all times. Remember, your keys are issued to you; no one else should use your keys for entrance to the complex, your room, suite, cluster or apartment. Please, keep your room/bedroom and apartment/cluster/suite doors locked when you leave or are asleep.

Check-Out Heading link

Residents are required to go through a formal check-out and room condition review procedure with their RA, using the Room Condition Report or Apartment/Cluster/Suite Condition Report you filled out when you checked in. Charges will subsequently be assessed to you based on repairs or cleaning necessary to return your room/cluster/apartment/suite to its condition when you moved in. To avoid charges, residents should:

  • Properly clean the room, remove and properly dispose of all trash and unwanted personal belongings
  • Rooms should be set up in their original configuration, and all university furnishings must be present and properly assembled; beds should be unbunked
  • All posters, decals, stickers, tape, and other fixtures should be removed from all furniture, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, and other surfaces
  • Switch your heat or air conditioning to “low”, open the blinds, and lock all the windows
  • All of your keys should be returned to the Area Desk, then swipe your ID to confirm your

The RA will give you an inspection slip or a copy of your RCR. After all residents have vacated spaces for which you have some shared responsibility, charges may also be assessed to you for your portion of damages/cleaning in these areas.

More information on check-out procedures will be issued by Campus Housing closer to check-out time.

Mail & Packages Heading link

You will be assigned a mailbox and be given a mailbox key at the time of check-in. You will share a mailbox with your cluster/ roommate(s). Registered mail and packages are held at the desk for pick up. You will receive an email notification when you have a package waiting at the desk. You will need your i-Card when claiming your item. Packages will be held for 10 days and then returned to sender if not claimed. Package pick up times are posted at the front desk of your building. Mail is placed directly into the mailbox assigned to the resident. To ensure prompt mail delivery, senders should use: full name, current room number and building and the correct mailing address, which can be found at

Campus Housing is unable to have your mail forwarded to a different address due to U.S. Postal Service regulations. Please notify those who send you mail and collect all mail before checking out. Once checked out of the residence halls, mail will be returned to sender. Campus Housing cannot be held responsible for missing mail. Alcohol deliveries to the desk are prohibited.

Room Changes Heading link

Campus Housing is pleased to offer available spaces to resident students who wish to change rooms and will maintain both a list of available rooms and a file of room change requests in case vacancies occur during the course of the year. In a population of several thousand residents, it is likely that changes will occur throughout the year, and residents are invited to fill out Room Change Requests, listing preferences for alternative room assignments. Such Room Change Requests are available on the Housing Dock at As quickly as possible after openings are identified, Campus Housing staff will contact students wishing to change rooms. In addition to maintaining waiting lists for each residence hall, and for any specific type of room available, such as one for single rooms, these waiting lists will be maintained in the order in which requests are made.

Switching Rooms with Same Room Types

Residents who wish to switch rooms with other specific residents will be permitted to make a change at any time, provided that the Central Housing Office has no students on a waiting list for the type of room involved, and that both residents receive proper authorization from the Central Housing Office prior to making such switches. Both residents who are switching with each other must be present in the Central Housing Office at the same time to indicate their desire to make such a switch before it will be approved.

Room Access and Interim Housing During Breaks

Only limited access to room belongings is permitted when the buildings are closed for break. Following the end of the school year, the exterior entrance door locks are changed, providing access only to staff and interim residents and their guests. During break periods, residents are encouraged to remove any valuables from their rooms. Interim housing is available on a limited basis during semester breaks. Information on interim housing availability and rates will be available near the end of each semester. See for exact interim rates. Residents wishing to stay on campus must sign up for interim housing online. Contact the Central Housing Office for specific Interim Housing guidelines.

Maintaining Your Space Heading link


All the halls are equipped with air conditioning for your comfort. It is requested that you keep room windows closed when the system is on. We experience a transition period each fall and spring—a period when temperatures fluctuate widely. Once we change from heating to cooling or cooling to heating, it is complicated and costly to change back. We ask for your understanding and consideration during these periods.

Air conditioning and heating unit filter changes are one of the scheduled maintenance items that must be completed at least twice per year. You will be given notice before this procedure takes place.



  • Mini refrigerators are permitted up to 2.9 amps or smaller than 4.6 cubic.
    • Note: only one mini refrigerator
      is permitted per room in the ARC.
  • Coffee pots with an automatic shut off.

Not Permitted (See Also Prohibited Items)

  • Microwaves under 1000 watts are permitted only in SSR and PSR. Otherwise, they are not permitted unless a part of a Microfridge unit (see Microfridge)
  • Appliances with an external heating unit or open flame g., hot plates, toasters, space heaters or cooking appliances
  • Power tools of any kind
  • Halogen bulbs


If you think you may have bed bugs in your living space, contact a Campus Housing staff member immediately or process a work order via the Campus Housing Dock.

Campus Housing will work with you to immediately schedule an inspection/treatment date (typically within 48 hours) of the space reported and communicate that information to the resident. A Campus Housing staff member will also describe the bed bug procedure to the resident or residents reporting the issue. In cases of confirmed bed bug activity, ALL ROOMS WITHIN THE CLUSTER/SUITE/APARTMENT WILL BE TREATED and ALL RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLY WITH TREATMENT PREPARATIONS to ensure that bed bugs do not spread from room to room during the treatment process.

Additionally, due to the fact that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, Campus Housing does not relocate students or replace furniture or mattresses in living spaces where bed bugs have been reported. If the room is not prepared by the time of the inspection, each unprepared resident will be charged the cost of the exterminator visit.

After a space has been treated for bed bugs, a follow-up treatment is scheduled for two (2) weeks after the initial treatment date. If further treatment is warranted, the treatment process will be repeated until the space is clear of bed bug activity.


The Building Service Workers (BSWs) are responsible for cleaning public areas of the residence halls on a daily basis. This includes such areas as laundry rooms, recreation rooms, special study sections, lounges, kitchens, and some washrooms (see below). Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Washrooms in ARC Traditional Room Types and Commons West are scheduled to be cleaned every weekday; cleaning schedules will be posted for residents. Washrooms in the ARC Semi-Suites, CTY, PSR clusters and JST suites should be maintained by the residents of those areas. However, Building Service Workers are scheduled to check the washrooms to re-stock toilet paper in PSR, CTY & JST. Housekeeping service in SSR, MRH & TBH is limited to public areas. Cleaning schedules for washrooms will be posted.

Neglected, unsanitary, or unclean areas should be reported immediately to your RA or to the Facilities Office (East: Room 25, Lower Level Commons, 5-6520; West: Room 10 Lower Level Single Student Residence, 5-6410; South: TBH first floor facilities office, 5-6111; ARC Campus Housing Suite). Private as well as public space should be treated as though it were your own. Help keep it clean and in good repair.

Other services provided by the Facilities Office include: exterminating, window washing and repair of appliances (e.g., kitchen stoves, refrigerators and microwave ovens) in SSR, MRH & TBH apartments, and in lounges throughout all Campus Housing buildings.


If you are locked out of your room when the Front Desk is open, you can sign out a loaner key from the desk to gain access to your room. If you are locked out of your room after the Front Desk is closed, you may contact the Resident Assistant (RA) On-Call for lockout assistance. There is no charge for asking the assistance of the RA on duty although the request will be documented and added to the loaner key record. Loaner keys must be returned to the desk immediately after you are done unlocking your room. . Residents in the ARC may request a replacement key at the front desk or by calling the Resident Assistant (RA) On-Call. Excessive use of loaner keys or key requests will result in follow up from your Housing Officer/Resident Director, and may result in conduct sanctions. (See also Unauthorized Entry/Keys)


Bed lofts are prohibited in all residential buildings. Microwaves (the university supplies a microwave to all apartments in MRH & TBH) are not permitted  in resident rooms unless rented through is the exclusive authorized supplier of microfridges (combination unit including a refrigerator, small freezer and microwave) to UIC students. Microfridges can be rented through and the items will be delivered directly to resident rooms.


The following list of items is expressly prohibited:

  • Appliances with an external heating unit or open flame g., hot plates, toasters, space heaters or cooking appliances
  • Beer bongs, beer pong, and other elements of drinking games
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia, g., bongs, pipes, vaporizers, or other devices or objects used to facilitate the use of drugs
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Hoverboards
  • Incendiary devices, including: alcohol torches, Bunsen burners, candles, incense, hookahs, other open flame/ filament or heating element devices, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, explosives, live cut Christmas trees, combustible decorations, mercury thermometers/other mercury containing items, weapons, firearms, or other items deemed inappropriate by the residence hall.
  • Microwaves OVER 1000 watts are prohibited in SSR and All types of microwave ovens are prohibited in all other halls unless built into the apartment or a part of a Microfridge unit (see Microfridge)
  • Pets other than fish (See the Resident Student Code of Conduct for more )
  • Power tools of any kind
  • Subwoofers and other speakers over 100 watts
  • Tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chew, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco
  • Waterbeds


Campus Housing is committed to sustainability. Recycling containers are located in all trash areas, individual rooms and computer labs around campus. Please read containers thoroughly and recycle accordingly. For more information, please visit


All students should report damages and maintenance requests through our online system at If there is a problem with timely repair, residents are encouraged to contact their RA. Residents may also make requests through the Facilities Office at 5-6525 (East), 5-6410 (West), or 5-6111 (South). University personnel will come to your room to make the repairs. Work order requests are assigned and completed according to a priority system established by Campus Housing.


Students are charged a Technology Access fee of $80/semester which allows access to cable television, wired and wireless internet connections in the residence halls.


The Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) provides Internet access to each residence hall room managed by UIC Housing via a wired and wireless connection, on a semester basis. This service is known as Res-Net (Residential-Networking). Detailed and up-to-date information about this service is always available at service/resident-hall-network-res-net. For other ACCC services, see the ACCC homepage at

A Res-Net connection provides Housing residents with full access to the Internet, through basic Internet applications such as SSH, SFTP, Web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari) via a wired or wireless network connection. RES-NET CONSISTS OF WIRED & WIRELESS CONNECTION METHODS.

If resident students want to access unlimited bandwidth, they must successfully complete the “Security Education and Awareness” course on Blackboard. If you don’t see the course listed, contact the Housing IT team.

Without unlimited bandwidth, each resident is given a 6GB upload/download bandwidth limit on the Res-Net network connections for off-campus traffic; this includes streaming media such as Skype or Netflix or YouTube. This 6GB limit is per 24-hour period starting at midnight of each day. If a resident exceeds this limit they are given one warning email that applies to the entire academic year starting in fall semester. If you once again exceed the 6GB limit during the year, your Res-Net account will be suspended for a period of time determined by the amount of upload/download data transfer abuse. More information can be found at the ACCC website.

Peer-to-Peer file sharing (P2P) is not allowed on the UIC or Res-Net network. Failure to comply will result in a suspension of your network access by ACCC Security.

All Res-Net users must agree to, and are subject to, all of the policies of ACCC, which are listed at policy/all. NOTE: No servers, wireless access points, routers, or daemons of any type are allowed to run on Res-Net connected computers.

It’s good practice to ensure that you keep your PC clean of virus or malware. Please check the Res-Net webpage for details. Be aware that if your PC does get infected, your Res-Net account will be suspended/filtered until your PC has been cleaned. RUN ANTIVIRUS and RUN Windows and Mac updates regularly. Check out for more information.

Setup and Equipment:

Ethernet Cable: You must bring your own Ethernet cable, or you can purchase one on campus from the UIC Bookstore.

Switch: If you share a room that only provides one wall jack for Res-Net access, then the room has been equipped with a switch so that all roommates have access to a Res-Net connection for their own computer.

Obtaining a Res-Net Connection

You will need your NetID and password to use the Res-Net connection. The service is automatically available to all Housing residents. You do not need to sign-up or cancel. You will be able to use the Res-Net connection as long as you are a current student or staff at UIC in a Residence Hall.

Using Your Res-Net Connection

To use your Res-Net connection, you must have your network settings and machine configured and connected to the network as explained in the Res-Net Web page above. For a wired connection, to establish a session, bring up a Web browser and authenticate by entering your UIC NetID and password when prompted. You will not have access to the Internet unless you successfully enter your UIC NetID and password. You do not need to logoff or disconnect. Your Res-Net session will time out after three (3) hours of inactivity. You will then need to re-authenticate to use your Res-Net connection.

For wireless connections, please follow the instructions on this Web page: to setup the appropriate device. As a reminder, you are not allowed to bring in your own wireless access point.

Canceling or Moving a Res-Net Connection

Your access to a Res-Net connection will remain active as long as you are a current student or staff at UIC. The charges for the Res-Net connection will be cancelled along with your Housing charges when you move out of the residence halls. The Res-Net connection will continue to work regardless of the residence hall or room you are in.

Printing via Res-Net

You can print from your own computer in your own residence hall room via U-Print to any ACCC Public Computing Lab printer on campus. For details on how to set this up, please visit the Res-Net Web page.


Residents have access to over 80 HD channels living on campus. Cable is active at the time of move-in. To see a list of all channels, visit