Campus Housing Learning Areas

Campus Housing hosts a variety of engaging programs to provide all of our residents an educational advantage. When you attend a program, you can expect to learn something about one of our Campus Housing Learning Areas listed below.

Through the Campus Housing Learning Areas (CHLA's), residents will:

  • Demonstrate skills that prepare them to live autonomously and productively as independent adults.
  • Develop substantial, healthy, and positive relationships with their peers, faculty, and staff.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogues that encourage students to reflect critically about their own beliefs, experiences, and identities, learn and understand the beliefs, experiences and identities of those around them, and articulate how their lived experiences contribute to the greater community.
  • Successfully create professional materials and hone skills that prepare them for post-graduation accomplishment.
  • Exhibit pride in their communities by attending university events and being proactive in reporting community concerns.
  • Cultivate a network of academic support, develop their study skills, and interact with peers and faculty, to complement their in-class learning experience.