Move Out

Spring 2021 Move Out

How to Move Out

Hear from Colby Campbell, Area Coordinator, in this short video explaining the Move Out process for Spring 2021.

When do I need to Move Out?

If you have applied for Interim and/or Summer Housing, you may have already received or will receive seperate communication in the future from Campus Housing.

How Do I Check Out of My Room?

  • Sign up for a Move-Out timeslot in the Housing Dock here
    • Select between the Express Checkout and In-Person Checkout option
      • Express Checkouts are an efficient process that allows residents to checkout on their own by turning in their Housing issued keys via the Express Checkout envelope after they have cleaned their assigned room/unit and removed all personal belongings.
      • In-Person Checkouts are conducted with a Resident Assistant (RA) during which the Room Condition Report is completed while the resident is in-person (after they have cleaned their assigned room/unit and removed all personal belongings.
  • Clean your room/unit
    • Light cleaning supplies and garbage bags are available at your hall’s front desk location
    • Donation bins will be located near residence hall front desk locations beginning April 30
    • Recycling is available in your hall’s trash areas
    • Large dumpsters for disposal of larger items will be available in the following locations:
      • TBH: service road near baseball fields
      • JST: Rochford St. near C Tower
      • SSR: loading dock on Damen St.
      • ARC: parking lot loading dock
    • The following notes are not meant to be inclusive of all cleaning expectations. Speak with your RA if you have further questions.
      • Remove all trash
      • Clean out garbage cans
      • Remove items on walls that were added as decorations, including tape, posters, etc.
      • Clean all surfaces
      • Un-bunk beds and place furniture back in the position it was in when you moved into your room (as it applies)
      • Vacuum/sweep room
      • Clean refrigerator (as it applies)
      • Close windows
      • Turn off lights
      • For suites, clusters, and apartments – cleaning expectations apply to common areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and any other common areas within the unit
  • Remove all personal belongings
    • Any personal belongings left you complete your checkout (either express or in-person), will be considered abandoned and are subject to removal at the expense of the resident with items disposed if not claimed within 30 days.
  • Follow directions provided when signing up for either an Express Checkout or In-Person Checkout to complete your move out from Campus Housing.

Additional details to consider

  • Residents are not allowed to have a guest that is not a Housing resident come into the residence hall to assist with their move out. Our current Guest policy will remain in effect. Parents and/or friends can assist in loading a vehicle or similar but must remain outside of the residence hall. It is expected that this guest also observes social distancing guidelines and wears a face covering/mask.
  • Parking management will minimal. 15-minute parking passes will be available at the residence hall front desk locations – someone must be present with the vehicle during this time.
  • Please bring your own dolly or cart if needed. A limited amount of moving carts are available.