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Spring 2022 Move In

Spring 2022 Move-In Options and Details

Move-In Times and Dates

All residents, both new and returning, are welcome to move into Campus Housing beginning at 10:00am on Saturday, January 8 (10AM – 10PM), with Move In continuing on Sunday, January 9, between 8AM – 10PM.

While the upcoming Spring semester will start with two weeks of online instruction, Campus Housing operations will open as scheduled. Residents wishing to wait to move in closer to the expected start of in-person classes on January 24 are welcome to do so.

Returning residents

  • We ask that all returning residents iVerify at their residence hall’s front desk location upon arrival, so that we can confirm your return. Failure to iVerify may result in further email, phone call, or text communications.

Selecting Your Move-In Time

All residents, both new and returning, will need to select a specific Move-In Time this upcoming Spring semester.

We recommend that residents consider any travel, transportation, and guest assistance plans prior to selecting your Move-In Time. The Move-In Time selection tool does allow residents to cancel and select a new Move-In Time, if neccesary.

Having a specific Move-In time for each resident allows us to allocate our staff and resources in a manner to best assist residents during their Move-In. Time slots are also structured to allow for responsible social distancing and to reduce congestion.

Please note that arriving at a time other than your assigned Move-In time may result in a lengthy delay as we prioritize assistance to scheduled residents.

  • If you have applied for Interim Housing or are arriving prior to Move-In beginning on January 8, please refer to your Interim Housing approval for your arrival date or other communications from Campus Housing, your coach (student-athletes with scheduled early arrival), or program head.
  • If you are arriving prior to Move-In beginning on January 8, you should not select a Move-In Time. 

Select Your Move-In Time Here

Guests Assisting with Move-In

Campus Housing defines guests as any individual that is not a roommate of the assigned resident. This includes family members or friends as well as students that reside in a residence hall location different than the hosting resident.

Guests will be allowed to assist during the Move-In process. All guests must be escorted by and in the presence of the resident hosting them while in the residence hall. Guests must have a govt. or state-issued photo ID on them, in case identification is needed.

Guests must wear face masks while on-campus, especially while in the residence halls. All PPE (personal protection equipment) must be provided by the resident and their guests.

Campus Housing does have a limited number of moving carts available for residents at front desk locations. Please plan accordingly.

  • Parking management will not be present. We strongly suggest that someone remain present with the vehicle while unloading.
  • Make sure to carry your i-card and keys with you at all times during your move so that we can minimize lock-outs and issuance of loaner keys.

If you are planning to arrive before Saturday, January 8, please sign up for Interim Housing. Residents will pay a small per-night fee for Interim Housing. The preferred deadline to apply for Interim Housing is December 3.  If you do not sign up for Interim Housing, your room will not be ready for you if you arrive prior to Saturday, January 8.  

Following your application, please check your UIC email account for confirmation as the Interim approval process is ongoing. If you need to cancel your Interim Housing application, please send an email to before the start of the Interim period.

Travel Quarantine Requirements for all Residents

Effective immediately, Campus Housing has recently implemented new Travel Quarantine Guidelines. Based on these guidelines, travel quarantine is not required for individuals who are fully vaccinated (by a WHO/FDA approved vaccine) OR have tested positive within the last 90 days. Please see below for the new guidelines put into place for Campus Housing:

  • For unvaccinated individuals traveling to Orange States and international travel
    • PCR test is advised on or after day 7 following return. A full 14 day quarantine is required, with the option for a shortened 10-day quarantine if the individual tests in the appropriate time frame and remains free of symptoms.
  • For vaccinated individuals 
    • When traveling to Orange States or international travelPCR testing is advised between days 3 and 7 following return, but no quarantine is required.

Campus Housing Vaccination Requirements

All students returning to campus are required to be fully vaccinated. In order to determine if you will need to quarantine upon arrival to UIC, all residents must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the following health check through the daily pass link.
  2. After logging in with your UIC login, please record your vaccination status.
    1. This includes your vaccine type and the date you have received each of your vaccination shots.
    2. If you currently are not fully vaccinated, you are still required to complete the daily pass.
    3. If the UIC dailypass/healthcheck link is not working for you, please use the following link to record your vaccination status.
  3. Please forward the confirmation email to We will then assess whether you need to travel quarantine.
    1. Regardless of vaccination status, please forward your daily pass confirmation email.
    2. If you have difficulty finding this confirmation email, the email is sent by and the subject line is “UIC Healthcheck: Thank you for completing the UIC Healthcheck survey.”
  4. Please click the link to complete and submit the Travel Quarantine Application

These steps will determine if you will be able to check into your scheduled Spring 2022 room assignment without needing to quarantine.

Campus Re-Entry Testing

Prior to or upon returning to campus, re-entry testing will be required for all members of the UIC community, including those who are vaccinated. PCR testing, which includes on-campus saliva testing, is required. If you are on or near campus prior to January 8, you should take advantage of the free on-campus saliva testing for campus re-entry. On-campus saliva testing services will begin normal operations beginning on January 5.

It is expected on-campus testing sites will be busy the week of Jan. 24. If you will not return until that week, you should obtain a PCR test in your local area within 72 hours of your return to campus.

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 5, regardless of vaccination status:

  • All students, faculty, and staff in Campus Housing and performing arts are required to test once per 7-day period.
  • Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated students, faculty and staff with a medical or religious exemption will continue to be required to test twice per 7-day period, 48 or more hours apart.
  • Student athletes will continue to follow testing directives from UIC Athletics.

If you are unable to move in prior to Monday, January 10, please contact the Housing Office ( so that your late arrival will not be mistaken for a change in your housing plans (such as cancellation).

Our operations have changed in many ways to support a living environment conducive to academic success and well-being. Increased sanitation measures include multiple daily cleanings of high touch, high traffic areas incorporating tools such as electrostatic sprayer cleaners and increased access to sanitation stations. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 at

Where to Check-In on Move In Heading link

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