Housing's ReApp application is available beginning at noon on Monday, February 1

If you are a current Campus Housing resident, ReApp is your opportunity to select your specific room for the future academic year (Fall 2021 & Spring 2022).

Beginning February 1, all students currently living in Campus Housing will be invited to complete a brief ReApp Intent survey, either beginning their ReApp application or notifying Campus Housing that they do not intend to return for the future academic year.

In the ReApp application, current residents will indicate their preference to:

  • live in the same room they are currently placed or,
  • join a Living Learning Community (LLC), or
  • select a new room assignment (General Room selection).

ReApp applicants will then be contacted via their UIC email when they can confirm their room choice (Same Room selection) or select their new room assignment (LLC selection or General Room selection) and sign their Housing contract.

For more support, please visit our ReApp Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

ReApp Timeline and Dates to Know

ReApp application – Feb. 1 – March 12

This is the time period in which a resident can apply for and take part in the ReApp process.

LLC application period – Feb. 3 – Feb. 12

Residents wishing to join a Living Learning Community (LLC) for the upcoming academic year must apply to apply to live in an LLC during this time-frame in addition to submitting a ReApp application.

The application to join an LLC can be found on the Housing Dock here. LLC applications are due by 12:-00 pm on Friday, February 12.

Same Room Selection – Feb. 16 – Feb. 28

Residents that indicated in the ReApp application that they would like to return to the Same Room for the next academic year can confirm that choice and sign their Housing agreement during this time period.

A resident wanting to remain in the Same Room for the upcoming academic year must have applied for ReApp  prior to these dates.

LLC Selection – Feb. 23 – Feb. 25

Residents that have applied to live in an LLC and have been approved may select their room assignment and sign their Housing agreement during this time period.

General Selection Lottery – March 2 – March 5

General Room Selection is for residents that indicated in the ReApp application that they would like to live in a new room (non-LLC selection)

General Room Selection begins with lottery time assignments. These times are based on current academic class status and will be staggered between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Tuesday, March 2, to Friday, March 5. Within each class grouping, access times are randomly generated.

Only residents who completed a ReApp application and have not already participated in Same Room Selection or LLC selection will receive a room selection timeYou may log in to the system anytime after your room selection time through March 12. Your access time will be sent to your UIC email and will be available to view on the Housing Application System on Monday, March 2.

General Room Selection – March 6 – March 13

Any residents that did not select Same Room Selection, LLC Selection, or selected a room  during their Lottery room selection time will be able to select their room from remaining available spaces between Saturday, March 6, and Friday, March 12. This is the remaining opportunity to take advantage of ReApp and we strongly encourage residents to select their room prior to this time period to have the best opportunity to receive their preferred placement.

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