Important Dates

The housing reapplication process, ReApp, occurs in two phases.  Generally beginning February 1, residents are able to reapply for Campus Housing.  Students who choose to not return are asked to fill out their housing intent.  During the second phase, students will be given an access time to go online and choose the room they are interested in.

February 1: The online ReApp system opens for Phase 1. All students must either submit an application or complete a survey as to why they are not returning to campus housing next year.

February 19 – February 22: RA staff will be holding information floor meetings about the ReApp process.

March 4 – March 6: Keep your same room selection. If you want to keep your same room as you currently have, you must access the system to select your room during this 3 day period.

March 7 – March 8: Living Learning Community selection. If you applied for an LLC, in order to guarantee a space in that LLC, you must access the system to select your room during this 2-day period.

March 11 – March 15: General Room Selection

  • You will be assigned a ReApp time (much like course registration) based on your current class standing to access the system. Generally, the times will be between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm. Lottery times are staggered and determined based on class load. This will begin with priority, professional, and graduate students.
  • You may access the system anytime after your selection all the way through April 13.
  • After you secure your room, you will have 90-minutes to confirm your room and e-sign your contract for next year. In most cases, this will follow immediately after you select your room.

April 15 – May 1: New applicants attending UIC now (Spring 2019) can select their room and sign their contract for 2019-2020.