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Frequently Asked Questions – ReApp

What if I only need housing for one semester?

One semester Housing contracts are only available to students graduating in December that select a room in SSR. For these students, room selection in SSR will allow them to complete their contract in December without cancellation penalties (pending graduation verification). Full cancellation penalties will apply to students who sign a contract for a residence hall other than SSR and are planning to graduate at the end of the Fall semester.

What if I want to live in a gender inclusive living area?

At the time of application, you may select what type of living area you want to live in.

  • Gender Inclusive Room/Apt: This option is for students who are comfortable with roommates of all gender identities living within the room, cluster, or apartment. If you have a preferred roommate(s), please include their UIN on your Housing application in the appropriate section. This option is available in designated clusters in CTY and in MRH, TBH, and SSR apartment units. Please note, if you select Gender Inclusive Room/Apt, when viewing available rooms to select during ReApp, you may see a limited selection.
  • If you select this option during your application, you will only see rooms which allow this living area when selecting your room.

What if I have a letter of accommodation (LOA) or service animal?

If you currently have an LOA on file with the Disability Resource Center and you want to keep your Same Room for next year, simply mark that you would like to stay in your Same Room. You will be asked to confirm your contract and follow the "Same Room" process. If you would like to change your room because you have a new accommodation, please contact your specialists at the DRC to begin working on an accommodation change.

What if I want to stay in my Same Room?

At the time of ReApp application, you must indicate you would like to keep your same room. You will then be assigned your same room for the next academic year. To secure your space, you must login to the Housing Application Portal Feb. 15 - Feb. 17 to sign your Housing contract.

Failure to sign your contract during the three-day window will result in your room being available to the New Room selection pool.

Can I request a roommate, suitemate, etc.?

Yes, because of the variety of room types, a student may request up to 7 other residents (for a total of 8 residents in a suite/apartment).

  • Roommate requests must be mutual (meaning parties need to request each other on their application) to be considered valid. Mutual requests will show as confirmed, while non-mutual requests will show as unconfirmed.
  • At the time of New Room Selection, the student with the earlier room selection time will be able to select the confirmed roommates and "pull" them into the suite/apartment level. Roommates that were pulled in can then sign their contracts and be confirmed for that room. The system will automatically assign the remaining students to the remaining apartment/suite bedrooms.
  • If a roommate group would like to switch within their room, please email after all students have signed their contract to request a within unit room change. Campus Housing will be able to accommodate these in-unit room changes only if all students have signed their contract.

A student is able to check on their roommate request status at any time before their housing selection time by visiting the Housing Application Portal.

How can I change my application information or see if my roommate request(s) have been confirmed?

Once a student has submitted their ReApp application, they can update their application and roommate requests by sending an email to Housing at

What will I need to access the system and complete the contract?

Students will need their UIC netID and password to authenticate into the system. A link for the Housing Application Portal is available at: In addition, roommate requests require the UIN of the other student(s).

Can I change my room after I sign a contract for a different room?

You may change your room and sign a new contract as many times as you want between your room selection time and March 11. We encourage you to keep checking the system regularly as space is flexible and constantly changing.

If you change your contract and assignment, your roommate requests will not automatically be "pulled in" with your new assignment. Please communicate and work with those who requested you to make sure everyone is on the same page. Since a lot of the selection is done by students, Campus Housing cannot share information or facilitate the roommate selection conflicts that may arise in this process.

What if I applied to be a Housing student staff member for next year?

All current and prospective Housing student staff will apply for housing through the ReApp application process. If you are a prospective RA or PM staff member, you should go through the ReApp process if you would need housing next year in the event you are not selected to be a student staff member. If you are hired, Campus Housing will automatically assign you to your staff room for the 2022-2023 academic year.

If you are selected to be a staff member, you may have the option to choose a roommate. Details for this process will be included in your hiring offer letter.

What if I can't see the room I want online?

Room selection occurs on a first come, first served basis. If the room is not visible to you at your selection time, the room may be full or you may not be eligible to select that particular room (Living Learning Community, disability accommodation, etc).  For more information about LLC placements and other designated floors/spaces, please visit the LLC Placements page.

How will the New Room selection Lottery times be determined?

New Room Selection begins with lottery time assignments. These times are based on current academic class status and will be staggered between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Tuesday, March 1, to Friday, March 4. Within each class grouping, access times are randomly generated.

Only residents who completed a ReApp application and have not already participated in Same Room Selection or LLC selection will receive a room selection timeYou may log in to the system anytime after your room selection time through March 11. Your access time will be sent to your UIC email and will be available to view on the Housing Application System on Tuesday, March 1.

Who can I contact if I need help?

You may contact Housing via email at or by calling us at 312-355-6300. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.