Conference Housing

Housing at UIC is safe, affordable and comfortable. Campus Housing offers both single and double occupancy rooms in air-conditioned residence halls on the east, west, and south sides of campus. Our facilities range from traditional double rooms (with about fifty people to a floor and community bathrooms) and cluster style rooms (with three doubles and two singles sharing a bathroom) to two and four bedroom apartments. Each room is equipped with single beds, desks and chairs. Wheelchair accessible rooms are also available.

UIC’s Meetings and Conferences Office coordinates the logistics for each group’s visit to UIC by making arrangements for housing, meals, meeting space, audiovisual equipment, parking and recreation. For more information, please visit

East Campus

Courtyard Residence Hall

Residence Halls on the East side include Courtyard (CTY), Commons North (CMN), Commons South (CMS) and Commons West (CMW). Collectively, these halls are known as the Student Residence and Commons (SRC). Conference groups housed on the East side of campus report to the East Area Office (Front Desk) to check-in and to check-out.

700 South Halsted Street, 2nd Level
Chicago, IL 60607

South Campus

TBH Bedroom

Residence Halls on the South side of campus include James Stukel Towers (JST), Marie Robinson Hall (MRH), or Thomas Beckham Hall (TBH).

Conference groups housed on South Campus report to the Front Desk to check-in and to check-out. In MRH and TBH, the front desk is located in the lobby on the first floor.  Groups housed in James Stukel Towers report to the front desk on the second floor for check-in and check-out.

James Stukel Towers (JST)
718 West Rochford Street
Chicago, IL 60607


Marie Robinson Hall (MRH)
811 West Maxwell Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Thomas Beckham Hall (TBH)
1250 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60607

West Campus

PSR Double Room

Residence Halls on the West side include Single Student Residence (SSR) and Polk Street Residence (PSR). Conference groups housed on the West side of campus report to the West Area Office (Front Desk) to check-in and to check-out.

1933 West Polk Street, Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60612

Summer 2019 Rates

Check-in Time: 10:00 AM
Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

Nightly Rates

Single Student Residence (Apartment Style) $56 (single bedroom) James Stukel Towers (Suite Style) $85 (double occupancy), $56 (single)
Thomas Beckham & Marie Robinson Hall (Apartment Style) $69 (single bedroom) Polk Street Residence (Cluster Style) $76 (double occupancy), $47 (single)
Commons North (Cluster Style) $55 (single room) Courtyard (Cluster Style) $68 (double occupancy), $43 (single)
Commons South (Traditional Style) $68 (double occupancy), $43 (single)