Interim Housing

The Interim Housing period between the Summer 2021 term and Fall 2021 semester is from 12:00pm on Saturday, August 7, 2021, to 12:00pm on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.


The preferred deadline to apply for Interim Housing (July 23) has passed. Applications received after July 23 are not guaranteed Interim Housing accommodations. Applications will be reviewed with a shared goal of accommodating requests when possible.

What Is Interim Housing?

Interim Housing allows Campus Housing residents to stay on campus in between academic terms. Residents may request a late departure after finals, an early arrival before the start of a term, or housing provided between the end of one term and the start of another.

Following your application, please check your UIC email account for confirmation as the Interim approval process is ongoing. If you need to cancel your Interim application, please send an email to before the start of the Interim period.

Important Interim Housing Considerations

For Fall 2021 residents with room assignments in JST, MRH, CTY, CMW, or CMN, we cannot accommodate Interim Housing arrivals prior to Monday, August 9. 

  • Only students with a signed Fall 2021 Housing contract are eligible to apply for Interim Housing.
  • Summer 2021 residents without a signed Fall 2021 Housing contract will need to move out of their room assignment by 12:00pm on Saturday, August 7.
  • Residents with an Interim Housing assignment and a signed Fall 2021 Housing contract will not need to move out of Campus Housing between the end of their Interim Housing assignment (August 18) and the beginning of their Fall 2021 Campus Housing contract (August 19).

Interim Rates

Residence Hall Rate (Per Night)
ARC $41.50
CTY $36.25
CMW $36.25
CMN $36.25
JST $40.50
TBH $46.50
MRH $46.50
SSR $38.25

Apply for Interim Housing