Interim Housing


Interim Housing allows residential students to stay on campus in between academic terms. Students may request a late departure after finals, an early arrival before the start of a term, or need housing provided between the end of one term and the start of another. Although the cost of interim housing is included in contracts for SSR (fall-to-spring term) and Continuing UIC Global students, residents who will stay on campus for all or part of the interim period should still apply.

Interim Housing for Spring-to-Summer is from 12:00 pm Saturday, May 11 through 10:00 am Saturday, May 18, 2019. The preferred interim application deadline is May 1.

Following your application, keep an eye on your UIC email for confirmation as the interim application and approval is an ongoing process. If you need to cancel your interim application, please send an email to before the start of the interim period.

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Interim Rates

Residence Hall Rate (Per Night)
CMN, CMW, CMS & CTY $36.25
JST $40.50
MRH $46.50
PSR $36.25
SSR* $38.25
TBH $46.50

Those residents with fall one-semester contracts in SSR receive two weeks of the winter interim period in the cost of their contract at the end of their contract, but will still need to apply for the time they plan to stay on campus. Spring interim is not included with a spring one-semester contract.