Contract Cancellation


Cancellation Before Contract Term Begins (Applies to Returning Residents Only)

For cancellations submitted prior to the beginning of the contract term, cancellation fees will be determined based upon the following timeline presented in the contract agreement.

You can view your Housing agreement online at the MyContract link on the Housing website (located in the menu along the top screen of every Housing webpage). Details including cancellation fees are available for viewing.

How to view past or current agreements:

  • Log into MyContract
    • Sign in using your UIC username and password.
  • Select Signed Contracts from the Menu
  • Select Fall 2021 link
    • If you cancel by May 1, 2021, you will not be charged a cancellation fee and will be eligible for receiving a refund of your Housing deposit.
    • If you cancel after May 1, 2021, you will forfeit the Housing deposit and will be subject to the following cancellation fee chart:
      • Between May 2, 2021 and May 31, 2021: $200 cancellation fee 
      • Between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021: $300 cancellation fee 
      • Between July 1, 2021 and July 31, 2021: $400 cancellation fee 
      • Between August 1, 2021 and August 23, 2021: $500 cancellation fee

To submit a contract cancellation, please visit the Housing Dock to submit a form.

For questions related to contract cancellation, please email us at

Cancellation After Contract Term Begins (Applies to Both New and Returning Residents)

All students should note that once the contract term begins, all students holding contracts are considered residents. All residents granted a contract cancellation shall be held responsible on a pro rata basis for the remaining contract room and meal plan charges as well as the cancellation fees outlined in the Resident Student Handbook. Charges will be assessed on the basis of the criteria outlined in the Resident Student Handbook.

Once the contract period begins, if a student cancels their contract before the end of the contract term, they will be responsible for room & board charges up until the time of check-out plus all the following contract cancellation penalties:

  • Loss of $100 housing deposit
  • $100 cancellation fee
  • Payment of 75% of the remaining contract cost (housing portion only)
  • Forfeit any remaining portion of the meal plan cost for the current semester

To submit a contract cancellation, please visit the Housing Dock to submit a form.

For questions related to contract cancellation, please email us at

Meal Plan Cancellation

Meal plan management including cancellation of an existing meal plan can be done at For further information and support, please contact the UIC ID Center.

Contract Takeovers

In the event that Campus Housing does not have applicants waiting to be assigned, or does not have a waiting list for the type of room involved, a resident has the option of identifying a non-resident student who has not already applied for housing to take over his or her contract including (though not necessarily) the assigned space. Such students must meet the eligibility requirements specified in the housing application procedures. No contract can be taken over without the approval of the appropriate Central Housing Office administrator.

Contract takeovers incur a $25 fee and the loss of the security deposit for the original contract holder. No other penalties apply. Failure to go through formal contract takeover procedures could result in disciplinary action as well as substantial financial penalties.


Students may appeal the 75% of the remainder of the contract portion of the contract termination penalties as well as the loss of the meal plan. Students must complete an appeal form available from the Campus Housing office and submit all appropriate documentation relevant to their situation. Once an appeal is submitted, it will be considered by the Associate Director for Administration. The appeal is either granted or forwarded on to the Campus Housing Contract Termination Penalty Appeals Committee. This committee, composed of student affairs staff, residence life staff and resident students, considers the individual situation and decides based on the review of information. Contact the Campus Housing main office (312-355-6300) with questions.