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LLC & Affinity Dwelling Locations

Select floors and rooms in Campus Housing are designated for special interest living communities and will not be available for Same Room or New Room selection unless you meet criteria for that living space and been accepted into a Living Learning Community (LLC) or Affinity Dwelling. Some examples include Living Learning Communities, Affinity Dwellings,  and academic partner programs such as DuSable, Evans Scholars, and the Honors College.

Academic & Residential Complex (ARC) Heading link

Building and Floor Special Designation
ARC fourth floor - specific rooms Future Leaders of Healthcare (formerly Pre-Health)
ARC fifth floor Transforming Law & Justice LLC (formerly Pre-Law & Justice)
ARC seventh-floor Evans Scholars partner program

Courtyard (CTY) Heading link

Building and Floor Special Designation
CTY fourth floor - specific clusters Spectrum LLC

James Stukel Towers (JST) Heading link

Building and Floor Special Designation
JST A-Tower second floor Innovate LLC (formerly Engineering and Computer Science)
JST A-Tower third floor Innovate LLC (formerly WISE - Women in Science & Engineering)
JST A-Tower third floor PAP-STEM LLC
JST B-Tower third & fourth floor DuSable scholars partner program
JST B-Tower fifth & sixth floor Ventures in Business and Industry LLC (formerly Business)
JST C-Tower third & fourth floor SISTERS affinity dwelling
JST C-Tower third & fourth floor PBMA affinity dwelling
JST C-Tower floors 5-12 Honors College partner program
JST D-Tower floors third floor La Casa affinity dwelling
JST D-Tower floors fourth floor LEAD-ASIA affinity dwelling