Special Designations

Select floors and rooms in Campus Housing are specially designated and will not be available for general selection unless you meet criteria for that living space or have applied and been accepted into a Living Learning Community. Some examples of designations include Living Learning Communities and class standing.

East Campus

Building / Floor / Room Special Designation
ARC fourth floor LLC (Honors)
ARC fifth floor LLC (Pre-Law & Justice)
ARC sixth floor LLC (Humanities)
ARC seventh floor LLC (International Perspectives)
CMW 7104 - 7127 LLC (Leadership and Civic Engagement)
CMW 7134 - 7153 LLC (REAL)
CMW 7231 - 7262 Gender Designation (female only)
CMW 7301 - 7329 LLC (College of Architecture, Design and the Arts)
CMW 7431 - 7464 LLC (Engineering & Computer Science)
CTY 2 - specific clusters Gender-Inclusive Clusters
CTY 2 - specific clusters LLC (Pre-Health)

South Campus

Building / Floor / Room Special Designation
JST A-tower second floor LLC (Engineering & Computer Science)
JST A-tower third floor LLC (WISE - Women in Science & Engineering)
JST B-tower third floor LLC (PAP-STEM)
JST B-tower fifth and sixth floor LLC (College of Business Administration)
JST C-Tower LLC (Honors)

West Campus

Building / Floor / Room Special Designation
SSR floors 6-8 Age Designation (must be 20 or older during 2019-2020)
SSR floors 9-16 Class Designation (must be Graduate or Professional classification)
SSR floor 11 LLC (College of Medicine)
SSR floor 16 LLC (Nursing)