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Important Dates Heading link

  • Academic Year 2024-2025 (Fall 2024 & Spring 2025) application available December 11
  • Room Selection for current/returning residents begins February 28
  • Room Selection for new applicants begins May 29
  • Summer 2024 applications available April 1

When can students apply for Campus Housing? Heading link

Students can apply for Campus Housing once they are admitted to UIC. There is no deadline for applications, however, we do encourage interested students to apply as soon as they can if they have a specific residence hall preference, room type preference, or a roommate request.

Important Considerations - Please Read Carefully

  • Applying for Campus Housing requires a $50 non-refundable application fee that is paid online at the time of submission. For current Campus Housing residents that are applying for a future term (ex: academic year), the application fee is waived.
  • Application to Campus Housing is the first step in becoming a Housing resident. Following application, room selection will allow applicants to see vacant rooms/bedspaces and select from available spaces.
  • Room selection for the 2024-2025 academic year will begin on February 28 for current residents and on May 29 for new Housing applicants.
  • All application and assignment related information will be sent to Housing applicants at their UIC email address (
  • Following room selection, applicants will be required to sign their Housing contract to secure that selected room.  If an applicant does not sign the Housing contract, the selected room/bedspace will become available to other applicants taking part in room selection.
  • Roommate requests are honored if they are:
    • Mutual matching requests
    • Both applicants have fully completed their application process at the time of room selection

Can I update my application?

To update your application preferences prior to beginning the room selection process, revisit your Housing application at in the Housing Portal at and select the Apply Here tab to reenter your application and make changes.

Steps and Dates to Know

Step 1: Apply for Campus Housing

To take part in room selection, current residents must first apply for Campus Housing for the upcoming 2024-2025 Academic Year.

Step 2: Indicate in the Housing application if you want to…

Join a Living Learning Community (LLC) or Affinity Dwelling.

  • By indicating in the Housing application that you want to join an LLC or Affinity Dwelling, applicants will only see room/bedspace options in that LLC/Affinity Dwelling location during room selection.
  • If you are not satisfied with the room location option available to you during room selection as part of that LLC/Affinity Dwelling, you must re-enter your Housing application and change your LLC/Affinity Dwelling preference to see other location options.
  • Changing your LLC/Affinity Dwelling indication means you will no longer be a part of that LLC/Affinity Dwelling.
  •  LLC/Affinity Dwelling placement locations can be viewed here.

Step 3: Return during the appropriate timeframe to take part in room selection and sign your Housing contract

Room selection for returning residents will occur on the following dates:

  • Same Room selection will be held on February 28-March 1
  •  LLC/Affinity Dwelling Room selection will be held on March 4-5
  • New Room selection will begin March 7

Following selection of your room/bedspace, applicants must sign their Housing contract agreement within 48 hours or that selection will no longer be held and will be available to other applicants.


New Room Selection – Beginning March 7

New Room selection is for current resident applicants that did not choose to secure their Same Room for next academic year and did not select to live in an LLC/Affinity Dwelling.

New Room selection will begin on March 7 with selection windows based on current academic class status and will be staggered between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Thursday, March 7, to Friday, March 8. Within each class grouping, access times are randomly generated.

Priority based upon academic class standing is as follows:

  1. Graduate/professional studies students
  2. Seniors
  3. Juniors
  4. Sophomores

On March 9,  New Room selection will move to an open selection process for those that didn’t select earlier on March 7-8. New Room selection will remain open for current Housing residents that have not yet selected a room for academic year 2024-2025.

This is the remaining opportunity to take advantage of room selection for returning residents and we strongly encourage residents to select their room prior to the end of the Spring semester to have the best opportunity to receive their preferred placement.

Benefits for Current Residents to Apply and Make their Room Selection Soon

Room selection allows current residents the opportunity to:

  • remain in the same room as they are currently placed for the next academic year
  • join a Living Learning Community (LLC) or Affinity Dwelling
  • select a new room location
  • have the first opportunity to select their room assignment before new, incoming applicants select their assignment

Room Selection for new Housing applicants will begin on Wednesday, May 29 and continue through Fall 2024 Move-In.

Room selection timeslots will be assigned to all completed applications. Timeslots will be assigned based upon application completion date, with the earliest timeslots going to those who submitted a completed Housing application first.
Before room selection begins, consider the following:

We want you to be educated on your options so that when room selection begins, you’re able to make the best decision for you based upon your goals and needs.

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