Campus Housing Coronavirus Updates

Information from our partners in the Office of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students Office

Campus Housing Options During COVID-19 Response

Students may choose to continue to live on-campus. If so, you will be able to remain on-campus through the end of your housing contract – May 9, 2020. It is possible we will close one or more of the residence halls and relocate students into fewer locations, as well as adjust our operations to improve social distancing (e.g., spreading students out, delivering box meals, scheduling use of common facilities, etc). These decisions will be made once we understand how many students choose to remain. If and/or when we proceed with consolidation, residents should be prepared to relocate if it’s deemed necessary to another facility on campus. Please know that we will be taking student safety into consideration in any housing effort, as your health is our priority. If we do consider consolidations, we would also seek to be as minimally disruptive as possible.

Dining will remain open with modified service and you can continue to use your meal plans as usual. Dining may need to consolidate services and change hours of operation within Dining restaurants and retail locations. Should residential units be consolidated, we will re-evaluate the need to continue to operate all dining units.

Students living in on-campus housing who choose to move out will receive a prorated refund for their room and dining rates for the remainder of the semester with no penalty by following this process:

  • Complete the Online Contract Cancellation Form here

Next Steps After You Have Completed the Cancellation Form

  • remove all trash from your bedroom and common areas of the unit
  • remove all personal items in your bedroom and commons areas of the unit
  • for expediency, you do not need to clean your unit
  • be prepared to move yourself out – there may not be carts or other tools available to assist your move out
  • limit the amount of guests that will assist your move out – social distancing
  • check out in-person at the desk once all of the above is complete
  • please note that simply moving out of Campus Housing without following the above steps may impact your ability to receive a prorated refund

Resident Responsibilities During COVID-19 Response

In an effort to manage the safety of our students and our community, the following policies are in effect immediately for the students who will remain in our residential communities. Please review the policies and information closely. 

Frequently Asked Questions During the COVID-19 Response