HOPE Awards

Started in 2015, the “Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence” (HOPE) awards are presented by Campus Housing to recognize faculty who have made a lasting impact on the lives of Housing residents. Campus Housing staff solicits the nominations, and invites the nominating students to join their nominees, along with department heads and other students, faculty, and staff to a reception. The texts of all nominations are placed around the room for attendees to read as they mingle and enjoy light refreshments. At the formal ceremony, nominees receive a lapel pin and a certificate with the text of their nomination and have the chance to have a photo taken together with their nominator.

HOPE award Ceremony


On April 3, 2018, Campus Housing hosted its third annual HOPE Reception in the East Terrace of Student Center East. Fifty-five Housing residents nominated seventy-two faculty members in more than thirty different departments across the campus. The more than one hundred people in attendance at the event comprised student nominators and their faculty nominees, nominees’ guests and department heads, and Housing staff.


“We know that there are hundreds of faculty who regularly go above and beyond to help their students get the most out of their experience; often those efforts happen without much fanfare. So we wanted to take a moment and let faculty know that their efforts are appreciated.

Campus Housing tries to make a big university feel smaller for our residents; these nominations help to point the way for other residents. When a nominator says, ‘He asked us about our interests, our backgrounds, our passions, and our hobbies; and, not just on the first day, but he did this throughout the semester,’ it sends a powerful message to other students, and helps those faculty see that their work does not go unnoticed.

We know that having a connection with a faculty member correlates to being more likely to graduate, so we want to make it easy for our students to connect with faculty. We are constantly looking for ways to develop collaborations between faculty and Housing students and staff.”

Nick Ardinger | Assistant Director for Residential Education with Campus Housing

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Nomination Statements Made by Students:

[Amanda Roy] can make a class of 150+ students feel really intimate.


Kristin Miranda  |  UIC Student

[John Coumbe-Lilley] provided me the chance to grow in ways I could not imagine.

Asha Rao  |  UIC Student

I’m also impressed with his [Daniel Ingebreston’s] outfit. He looks so cool.

Tri Toan Nguyen  |  UIC Student